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Comment Microsoft Teams encourage et supporte les utilisateurs dans leur activités professionnelles quotidiennes.

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Comment point doption sur pied un apprentissage collectif et un véritable support de la structure. With built-in integration with the full Office stack, it is easier than ever for end-users to create a team and start collaborating.

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The truth is email is ingrained and changing user habits is difficult. To make the most of your Office investment, it is critical that your users take advantage of Microsoft Teams' full capabilities to address their day-to-day business needs.

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The key to drive excitement, organizational buy-in and adoption is being able to provide point doption, business-contextual applications that drive consistent, sustainable usage. Join AvePoint and SII Canada for a half-day workshop to learn how to roll out a sustainable adoption program in 90 days and positively impact organizational culture. How Microsoft Teams can excite and inspire users by supporting their daily business activities.

How to make it easy for everyone to maximize Microsoft Teams while ensuring organizational governance and policies are enforced. Strategies for preventing information overload, data sprawl, shadow IT and more.

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How to establish a holistic learning, knowledge sharing and point doption structure. How to create and deliver a day sustainable adoption program that facilitates change, empowers users and enables knowledge sharing within the organization.

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